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Camacho’s Cantina Hollywood
Mariasol Santa Monica Pier
El Paseo Inn Olvera St.


Camacho’s Incorporated is a full-service food and beverage company specializing in the management of restaurants.  It oversees a workforce of more than 500 employees who work in a unique collection of restaurants located in high-profile destinations throughout Southern California. The management team at Camacho’s Incorporated ensures that each operation is able to achieve its greatest potential of excellence and hospitality.  Camacho’s Incorporated provides a high level of management expertise and efficiency, particularly in the following areas:

• Operational Support

• Financial Goal Setting and Support

• Public Relations and Marketing Support

• Human Resources and Employee Benefits

• Internal Consulting

• Legal and Administrative Support

• Analysis of Growth Opportunities

We seek to serve in the most exciting locations.  Whether it is in your local community, on the beach, in a stadium, or in an airport, we constantly strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards in the food and beverage industry.  With a commitment to excellence, each day is dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food, beverages, service, entertainment and surroundings.  We are passionate about our guests and we seek to provide them with an experience that is enjoyable and inviting.

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