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In 1983, Southern California attorney, businessman and entrepreneur Andy M. Camacho enjoyed dinner at an old Mexican restaurant in Downtown LA’s Olvera Street before a meeting at City Hall. He had been to the legendary restaurant, El Paseo Inn, many times before. As a young boy from East LA, Mr. Camacho would come over for visits with his father Andy, Sr. But on this night he had a conversation with the owners, Mrs. Elena Pelufo and Mr. Frank Webb, who informed him of their desire to sell. This conversation would change the life of the Camacho family forever. One year later, in 1984, Andy M. Camacho was the proud owner of El Paseo Inn. This venture marked the beginning of what has become one of the most celebrated restaurant careers in Los Angeles history.

In May 1993, MCA/Universal opened Universal City Walk, originating from Universal’s first theme park, Universal Studios Hollywood. City Walk was the first of its kind worldwide, serving as a self-contained entertainment district featuring shopping, eateries and other entertainment venues. In need of a traditional Mexican restaurant, that would be owned and operated by local ownership, MCA/Universal’s chief and legendary Hollywood executive Lew Wasserman sought out Mr. Camacho. In fact, in a production meeting to discuss the construction of City Walk, Mr. Wasserman turned to Mr. Camacho and suggested the name “Camacho’s Cantina.“ From that point on, the now famous restaurant had an identity. Soon after its opening, Camacho’s Cantina became one of the most well known Mexican restaurants in California.

Over the years, Mr. Camacho and his son Don Luis, through their family-owned and operated company, Camacho’s Incorporated, have overseen the opening and operation of additional notable Southern California restaurants including El Paseo Inn Restaurant, Mariasol Restaurant at the Santa Monica Pier.

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